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In line with the existing Compressport range, these special winter PRORACING SOCKS offer the extreme comfort, optimization of blood circulation and posture reinforcement that is every foot’s dream.
In addition the natural fibres, chosen for their thermo-regulating properties, and the new Zebra Zone design, will make you want to go out into the cold for winter outings.

Natural fibres known for their exceptional thermoregulating properties
Soft, light and extremely insulating, the Merino wool protects from the winter cold and the summer heat thanks to its natural breathability. Even wet, your feet won’t feel cold. It also offers important anti-odour protection, even for long walks.
As a thermal regulator, the silk absorbs the humidity. Pleasant and cool against the skin, the silk offers a feeling of freshness.
Comfortable and soft, cashmere wool is light and generates warmth.
Zebra ventilation zone
This specific weave allows a comfortable, thick and soft fibre to be combined with optimum ventilation and the evacuation of humidity generated through warmth.

Sizing : 

T1 - Men : 3.5-4.5 Women : 5-6

T2 - Men : 5-7 Women : 6.5-8.5

T3 - Men : 7.5-8.5 Women : 9-10

T4 - Men : 9-11.5 Women : 10.5-13

T5 - Men : 12-14 Women : 14.5-15.5

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