Running club

12 month supervision

  • Run (road, track and trail running)
  • Bike (cyclocross, raod and trail biking)
  • Swimming
  • Nordic skiing
  • Snowshoes running

with :

Qualified athlets in each sports will share tips and advices with you. Above all, you'll have fun and a great training experience, whatever your level is. 

The Trainings :

Trail running : Run through the Lac-Beauport trails, at your pace, for about 60 minutes. Learn simple techniques and ask your questions to our mentors.

The Ultimate Training : Developped by Physiologist Dr. Guy Thibeault, this "smart" training method is a 45 minutes intervals session. Different tyoes of exercises are used to optimize your efforts in the most secure way. 

Track Running : Enjoy an interval session on our 500 m track around an outdoor synthetic soccer field.

The Clinics : This is where our mentors give you all the extra informations you need to know everything about your sport.

Members benefits

  • Discounts at La Boutique du Lac
  • Dressing-room access
6 month1 year
100$ 175$
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The location of the runway at Lac-Beauport

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